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Great Beginnings
It was one day in February that I decided to help Eddy (Edward Camp) with his newspaper. Eddy was busy with schoolwork and stuff, so one week, I made his newspaper for him. I made the first page on my own and added an extra guest reports page with a one report by me and the other by someone else. When Eddy saw what I made, he said it was incredible, and couldn't have ever made a digital newspaper like that. After I made some more issues for Eddy, I finally listened to Eddy's persistently repeating that I should make my own newspaper. The AE News was born.
After successfully making my newspaper, I eventually made an e-mail membership for my newspaper which I still use today. Right after that, I partnered with Nicklaus A. Pineda and his manager Suraj Patel to make a comics section for my newspaper. As of now though, I am making my own comics until we can work out an agreement. During spring break, I made a special six page spring break edition. For the rest of the 2008-2009 school year, I made issues for my newspaper virtually every week.
Soon my seventh grade year at Earl Warren Jr. High was coming to a close. I made a final end of school year issue and closed my book. During summer vacation, I made a short mid-summer edition of the AE News that I e-mailed to my then over twenty e-mail members. 

A New School Year
To start off my eighth grade year at Warren, I made a big back to school edition of the AE News. I then decided that due to having less available time, I would make a one page mini newspaper every other week. After seeing an ad in Eddy's newspaper that displayed his website, I decided to make one too. I then went to and made my new website, In November 2009, I made a new ad for people to become e-mail members that I posted next to my weekly newspaper on the bulletin board in the boy's locker room. This special ad had a limited time offer that gave free candy to everyone who signed up. I also signed up all my teachers and most of my yearbook elective class as members. The month afterward, I posted another e-mail ad and made a Christmas edition of the AE News. 
In winter break, I began work on the biggest issue of the AE News yet, the New Year's 2010 edition. I made the cover page and worked on everything else. I made four news stories, twice as much as the spring break edition's record of two. I made a large word search and a crossword puzzle. I made four pages total for the main issue, and I added reports at the end. Separate from the main digital newspaper, I made a comics section that continued the ongoing saga. Along with the seven page newspaper, I also posted an ad for my website when the break ended on Jan. 4th. 
On February 15th, the AE News had its most important day since its start. It was the AE News First Anniversary. After working on the anniversary edition over the three day weekend, the ultimate issue was complete. After getting about sixty copies, I was ready. For the rest of the next week, I passed out copies of the AE News Anniversary Edition throughout the school. Until STAR Testing, I continually made new issues every week. By the time I knew it, it was graduation at Warren. After saying bye to my friends, I went home to enjoy a great summer. Although it has been a long road for my newspaper to get this far, it was worth it. -Abhishek Kylasa