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How to use the AE News website

  1. What can I do on the AE News website?

    The AE News website, created by me, Abhishek Kylasa, has tons of things to do. As well as reading the AE News and the comics section, you can also play games in the archive (we also have some Wii friendly games in the archive). You can blog, check out events on the calendar, watch videos, view pictures, and much more.

  2. How do I become a member of the AE News?

    To become a member, click on the members page and then click on the "Join Website" link. After putting in an e-mail and basic info, you will receive an e-mail that has the link to confirm your membership and put in all information. You can terminate your membership any time, update it, and block your information. Don't worry about people seeing your information. If you feel strongly about this, just skip the information part of signing up. 

  3. What are the benefits of becoming a member of the AE News?

    By becoming  a member of the AE News, you get full access to the website and also can also blog anywhere as well. After becoming a member, Warren members and friends of the AE News also receive a free weekly e-mail subscription of the AE News that has that week's issue.

  4. How do I add videos, pictures, and other stuff on the AE News website?

    These features are only available to members of the AE News so join the AE News today.

  5. Part of the website is cut off the home page screen. How can that be?

    Some browsers and windows don't have full compatibility with the website. Most of the website should be fine, however. 

  6. I can't open the issues in the archive. Why is that?

    The AE News archive has issues in the Microsoft Office Word 2007 format. To get issues in the Microsoft Office Word 2003 format, click on the special archive on the left side of the screen.Once you do click on an issue in one of the archives or weekly issues page, it will ask you to run or save the issue. Click on run if you want to just see the issue, or click on save to get the issue on your computer.

  7. There are two issues in the Weekly Issues Page. Is this normal?

    Yes; the first issues is in Microsoft Office Word 2007 format while the second, marked special, is in the Microsoft Office Word 2003 format.

  8. What in the world is the Page of Secrets?

    The page of secrets is special page with bonus features only available to AE News members. 

  9. What is the News Links page?

    The News Links page is a page full of outside media and latest news not affiliated with the AE News that can be accessed by waving the mouse over the Links page on the side bar. Members may see headlines and breaking news on this page.

  10. How did you make your own website, and how can I make one too? lets its users make their own website ( If you want to make your own website, go to and register your account. You can also upgrade your website with the premium package or the Webs Credit Shop.

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