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This page is for the AE News Comics that are released every week or two of the AE News. As of now, this page only has text, but in the future, it may have the entire comics section.

Read "The Wizard Dot", the AE News's first original comics series. This saga is the only comic translated into a text version.

The Wizard Dot Text Only Version

By Abhishek Kylasa

The Wizard Dot Part 1

Mysterious Wizard: Hehehehe. Itís all going according to plan.

Mysterious Wizard: Bring him in.

Servant: Yes sir.

The captured prisoner is taken in by Avalon and Curos.

Mysterious Wizard: Where is the wand of Azra?!

Prisoner: Ö

Mysterious Wizard: WHERE is it!

Prisoner: I wonít give in to you.

Mysterious Wizard: That wasnít a choice.

Prisoner: Gasp

Mysterious Wizard: Agitis Morphis

The prisoner howls in pain as the wizardís spell does its worst.

Prisoner: ItísÖ itís in the hollow crevice on the side of the Cave of Lamur.

Mysterious Wizard: Thanks. Hereís your prize.

The prisoner screams as the wizard cruelly executes the prisoner with a single spell.

The Wizard Dot Part Two

Mysterious Wizard: Avalon, Curos, I have an assignment for you.

Avalon & Curos: Yes sir.

Mysterious Wizard: Fetch me that wand right away or youíre fired.

Mysterious Wizard: Öliterally

Avalon: Gulp

Avalon and Curos arrive at the Cave of Lamur.

Avalon: Weíre going in.

Curos: This should be easy.

The pair travels down the torch lit interior of the cave until they find the crevice that should lead to the wand. They climb into total darkness.

Avalon: Turn on the lantern.

The gloomy hollow corridor is lit up and Avalon and Curos spot what could be their lucky break.

Avalon: Itís in there.

Curos: Weíre home free.

A burst of bright light blinds Avalon and Curos. As it clears, a voice booms from the shadows, and a figure steps out.

Unknown figure: Who dares disturb my slumber?

Avalon & Curos: We do.

Avalon: Weíve come for the wand of Azra.

Unknown figure: I, the guardian of the wand of Azra, will not let pass.

The guardian leases loose a powerful burst of magical power.

Guardian: Farewell fools.

Avalon and Curos dodge what would have been a fatal blow, and the magic blows away giant chunks of the wall.

Guardian: Oops.

One of the rocks knocks Avalon unconscious, and the rest bury the guardian with his own attack.

Curos: Iíll grab it while heís down.

Just as the Curos reaches out to grab the wand, the Guardian breaks free of his rock prison and traps Curos under rubble.

The Wizard Dot Part Three

Guardian: Itís time for you to join your friend.

The Guardian picks Curos up and hurls him out of the cave. Just as Curos was about to plummet to his death, something broke his fall.

Curos: Huh.

Marco: Itís your old pal Marco. I just became a wizardís apprentice at the lodge downtown.

Curos: Thanks Marco, you always come through for me.

Marco: How about you come over to my house, so we can talk. If he knows you didnít get the wand of AzraÖ

Curos shudders thinking about how close he is to death.

Curos: Wait for me.

Marco and Curos arrive at Marcoís house, and Marco lays down a huge feast of hot broth, steaming bowls of special cheesy pasta, hot cinnamon rolls, and warm, sweet cups of tea. As Marco and Curos finish off the feast, Marco tells Curos his plan.

Marco: This decoy wand should keep him busy for a while. Good luck, and hope he doesnít notice the difference.

Curos reaches the mysterious wizardís liar and presents him the wand.

Mysterious Wizard: Good job, Curos; pity for Avalon.

Back in the Cave of Lamur, Avalon, regaining consciousness from under the rubble, takes a block of dynamite from his pocket and throws it at the unsuspecting Guardian.

Guardian: What theÖ

The Guardian is destroyed by the explosion, and Avalon retrieves the real wand of Azra from where it is suspended in air. Avalon rushes back to the lair and emerges before Curos and the mysterious wizard.

Avalon: Sir, I have the wand.

Curos: Uhh ohh.

Mysterious Wizard: Avalon! Curos!